Everyone’s life is full of daily challenges. To tackle these challenges one masks himself/herself with different moods appropriate for a particular situation. For instance, when people go out for work, they clock themselves under a mood which is suitable for the corporate sector. However, when a person is at home, he/she become oneself and quit pretense. A home is a place where we experience happiness, sorrows, and joys. These valuable feelings associated with home shape up our lives, our personalities, and our frame of references. No matter wherever we go, we are always connected to our home because the solace we get it is unattainable from any other place.

Jane Austen, the famous English novelist, has also addressed the importance of the house and the comforts it provides. She said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” It is true indeed that most of the charms and pleasures of our lives are associated with the domestic life. The charms of wealth, rank, fame are all short-lived, but the charms of a domestic life are eternal. They always linger in our memory and give pleasure even when these memories are long gone. The laugh of the mother, the care of the father, the loving tantrum of children, the little fights and quick reconciliations with siblings provide fortitude to a person to face all kinds of difficulties that life throws at him/her.

Physiatrists believe that the development of the character of any person is closely related to his/her childhood and home. Home is an institution where we learn and practice what we see. The nicest virtues are often obtained at home. The self-sacrifice of the father and mother, the respect for each other, the importance of trust and truth in the relationship, and honesty are the virtues that are being imbued in every person at his/her home.  Henry Drummond had rightly said, “Strength of character may be learned at work, but the beauty of character is learned at home”.

No matter where we travel, the yearning for home always breathes in us. Home is a place where we can be true to ourselves. The life beyond the domestic circle is the life of pretense and fakeness to attain particular goals. However, home is a place where we can find food for our body as well as for our mind. In this restless world, the only place where we can comfortably relax is our home. It is true that no matter where we roam, there is no place like home.