The Purpose of Research Methodology

Sample Thesis Paper


The research methodology of a research is perhaps one of the most essential and fundamental components of the same (Balnaves & Caputi, 2001). It serves to determine the degree of authenticity and contributes to the research process beyond the perimeters of the contribution of other elements to the research. In essence, the research methodology serves to determine the techniques of data collection, data handling and data analysis that the research shall employ while ascertaining the primary and secondary data sources that the research shall incorporate in the course of its execution.

The research methodology of a research evaluates the options available to a research and fundamentally aims to ascertain the most appropriate methodology for the research (Chitnis, 1998). In doing so, the establishment of the research methodology in itself counts as a highly imperative part of any research since a research supplemented and constituted with an inappropriate and incompatible research methodology leads to the acquiring of research findings that cannot be relied upon, hence rendering the research ineffectual.

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