Recommended Length of an Essay

Sample Essay

It is also important to highlight at this point that the recommended length of an essay is directly proportional to the amount of data that is already available on the subject. If data on the subject is unavailable or if the students are of a level from which they are not capable enough to develop data on the subject, then assigning an essay that is of a 1,000 word length may cause the students to stretch the essay unnecessarily, thereby increasing undesired elements such as repetition and redundancy in the essay.

When an essay is assigned, the length of the essay is more than often perceived to be a measure of the relevance of that essay and the degree of importance that will be given to it. In this regard, it would be safe to assume that assigning an essay that is of a length of 1,000 words can have favorable outcomes. However, as highlighted in the above paragraphs, this factor depends highly upon not only the level of the class but also the actual average level of intellect of the students as well as the presently available research upon which the students can establish a foundation for their work or derive an inference from to support their work.

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