Report on Donald Trump Publicizes Muslim Ban in Opening Ads

The expected Republican president Donald Trump is making the most disruptive proposals of his first campaigns on a Television adjust as the party is already in an unsettling position for the nomination for their security concerns. The billionaire businessman comes in a spotlight when the year’s primary contests are just a few weeks away as the he plans to ban Muslim immigration with major actions to be taken. Despite his seriousness and grossness in what he claims to follow, both the republicans and the democrats seem to dislike his troublesome decisions, however, he seems to have a major lead in the white republican electorate.

The advertisement is not all he intends to publicize, the Republican president also announces to build a wall along the Southern-Border to convey his real actions against his assertion for Muslim ban. This wall is going to ban illegal entry of Muslims, for which the presidential candidate claims that it is just a temporary shutdown until they figure out what was going on in the country.

The advertisement has had an investment of $2 million in a week from the businessman to be aired in the two states for the sake of  vote casting in the nominating contest from the Republican’ side. The ad features darker images of the shooters of San Bernardino, who are shown as Muslims with their body bags. However, many politicians pretend that the figures are something else; but essentially, Donald Trump calls the imagery as “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. The wall for the Southern border to stop illegal but “Muslim” immigration is forecasted in the video that follows where the narrator declares confidently about it and that Mexico is the financial supporter behind.

Facing the questions for the Southern wall, Donald Trump declared that “the selection of footage was intended to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat Americans face if we do not immediately build a wall and stop illegal immigration.”

The ad seems to be quite outlandish as compared to other conventional ads when a presidential candidate gives an introductory speech describing oneself and sharing their life story. However, Trump is already famous and well-known to his supporters as he was the popular star of “The Apprentice”.  However, even with these stern actions against terrorism, according to authentic resources like Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted in December concluded that 6/10 Americans think that a ban on Muslims is a wrong action, and even particularly in the Republicans, only 6/10 supporters agree to support such policies. This is perhaps because militancy in Islam and Radical Islamic Terrorism are unproven concepts that need stronger grounds to judge such a big community of Muslims by looking at a small fundamental group who claims to belong to one of the biggest communities of the World.

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