Research proposal: Advertising scenario in UK


Gap in the advertising scenario in UK


The objective of this research is to analyze the discrepancies of the advertising scenario of UK which is recently experiencing a decline.

Background Information

Advertising is considered to be an important aspect of marketing and it is a form of communication that actually persuades potential customers to buy a product, service or a brand. In today’s world advertising is of utmost importance and organizations invest a lot in advertising because in nearly all the scenarios advertising increases the sales of organizations (Pricken 2008). The history of advertising is wide and varied and organizations stress a lot on advertising. As far as the types of advertisement are concerned there are different types and mediums of advertising. These mediums and types are discussed below:

1)    TV commercials

2)    Infomercials

3)    Celebrity advertising

4)    Covert advertising

Money spent on advertising has increased dramatically in the recent years and the spending on advertising in the United Kingdom has reached a staggering figure $120 million. However, the phenomenon of advertising globally is increasing and organizations are spending a lot on advertising because they believe that advertisement can benefit them in both the short and the long run. In the current era different companies are progressing just through advertising. An online organization in United Kingdom Rightmove,, reported that its profits are increasing just because of the fact that they invested heavily in online advertising (Goodman 2009). This organization of UK experienced growth and still is in its growing phase. Strategists suggest that Rightmove is not alone and another organization is growing quite rapidly and statistics suggests that online advertising in the United Kingdom has increased to 30% as compared to the previous years. These statistics depict that the growth of organizations that stresses on advertising would be double-digit by the end of 2010 (Felton 2006). In this paper we will discuss different aspects of advertising and would evaluate the advertising scenario of United Kingdom. Similarly the hypothesis that UK advertising is declining in the current era is tested through reviewing the literature.

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