Secondary Research: Literature Review

The secondary research in a research methodology plays a highly significant role since it serves as the foundation of the variables that the research will attempt to explore during the course of its process. It is for the same reason that this research shall incorporate extensive secondary research in order to completely satiate the need for a credible foundation (Creswell, 2003). The research methodology shall fundamentally constitute of former research studies and evaluations of the subject of the research. In doing so, the most essential constituents shall be peer reviewed publications, comprising of books, journal articles and online journal publications.
The secondary research shall not only serve to identify the variables that the research shall focus extensively on in its later stages but shall also serve as the exploratory part of the research. The literature review plays an imperative role in the research by contributing to the research through former research studies and identifying areas that the research can incorporate a study on (Panneerselvam, 2004). The research methodology contributes to the conclusion of the research by presenting a picture of the evolution between the findings of the former research studies and the findings of the research in question.

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