Street Walk Essay

Sample Essay

This paper is an elaboration and analysis of social problems observed during a late night stroll around Toronto. Numerous observations were made and a few people were also interviewed to acquire a more direct and accurate observation of the scenario.  In the following paragraphs, each observation made during the late night walk shall be considered in light of the social problems and principles it can be identified with.

The primary observed points constituted Church/Carlton/Jarvis/Gerrard, Filmore’s Bar at George & Dundas, Gay Ghetto at Carlton & Church, Boys Town at Grosnover and Bay, and Regent Park. The purpose of these observations was to acquire a thorough understanding of the numerous social problems that exist in society and the manner in which they relate with each other. The late night street walk was designed to be carried out in the form of groups of students and the central objective was to develop a clear and firsthand perception of communal harms and evils. The observations were fundamentally made through direct surveillance made through physical presence by standing at a distance from the subject under observation and studying the individual’s activities and surroundings. The paper shall proceed by identifying social problems and relating them to social theories based on psychological perceptions and perceptive build ups that prevail across modern day society.

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