Thesis: Retail Marketing Techniques

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Retail marketing techniques also include the establishment of systems that take advantage of any opportunity that they can come across to turn a prospective consumer into a loyal consumer. Measures to meet objectives such as these included the setting up of automated answering machines that late consumers can call on to acquire basic information about the outlet and any particulars they are interested in. Automated answering machines can also be used to briefly advertise any special offers that are currently being run and can refer prospective consumers to other channels through which they can find out more about the retail outlet, its products and its services.

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Thesis: Revenue in the UK Advertisement Industry

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Screen Digest speculated in its report that revenue in the UK advertising industry was expected to fall by 8.4 percent this year. Screen Digest reported that probable causes for this decline were the withdrawal of investment by industries who are major contributors to the advertising industry. Marketer’s confidence was reported to be falling and Screen Digest was particular about stating that confidence in the UK advertising industry amongst the finance, retail and automotive industries has to be restored if the advertising scenario in the UK is expected to improve.

Thesis: Prominent Laws Established for Casino Games

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Considering the immense number of internal and external threats that are glamorized across the media and the numerous heists that have plagued casinos across history, it is only natural that laws to regulate these games were also established and enforced with time. Prominent laws that were established for the purpose of ensuring fair play and legal conduct included the Wire Act that was introduced in 1961, the Travel Act that was introduced in 1961, the Wagering Paraphernalia Act that was introduced in 1961, the Illegal Gambling Business Act that was introduced in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that was introduced in 1970, the Amateur Sports Protection Act that was introduced in 1992, the Interstate Wagering Amendment that was introduced in 1994, the Amendment to the Interstate Horseracing Act and the Illegal Money Transmitting Business Act that was introduced in 1992. Similar legislation includes the Bank Records and Foreign Transaction Act that was introduced in 1970, the Money Laundering Control Act that was introduced in 1986, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that was introduced in 1986(Humphrey).

Thesis: Placing Customer Loyalty before Customer Acquisition

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Research into customer purchase trends has also proven over time that the cost of acquiring a new customer and initiating the relationship and identity building process costs over five times more than it does to continue an already founded relationship with a former customer (Peck 1997). Of course, the figure varies from industry to industry, but it is important to note that this overall trend remains the same. If success is to be achieved, it is imperative for an organization to realize that potential migration is the primary threat to the company. Marketing gurus around the world now speak of the importance of the retention programs for the organization instead of the acquiring process as part of their CRM strategies (Gitomer 2005).