Essay on The human needs of a person

A human being is a creature with endless needs and wishes. Until and unless we are provided with these resources, the human-self is not happy and cannot operate properly. In the history, we have seen examples of people who created a civilization of their own to meet their needs. Even the tiniest and menial things were used to gain from, and make new and improved things. Human beings are materialistic and they require sufficient resources to satisfy their inner desires and basic needs. Continue reading “Essay on The human needs of a person”

Essay on the evolution of Bion’s work

According to Bion, no individual even in isolation should be viewed as insignificant to a gathering. He emphasized on the significance of affecting responses of the observer who is often enforced to encounter some kinds of projective identifications from the group members who desire cast him in the role of the parental figure, consultant, or teacher. Bion suggests that when an individual participates in any group activity, he reacts differently. Consequently, he introduced the concept of basic assumption to clarify the notion of group mentality. The term basic assumption refers to the existence of an anonymous, unanimous and common opinion at a given instant. The group mentality is the container that encompasses the opinions of all the group members and the conception of basic assumptions corresponds to the content of these opinions which provide a greater access to the emotional phenomena manifested within groups. Continue reading “Essay on the evolution of Bion’s work”

Expository Essays

Expository essays are essays that attempt to explain something with the help of facts instead of personal opinion. It is the most frequently used type of writing used by students at all levels. Since no personal opinion can not be included in an expository essay students find it hard to write such essays. Collecting all the facts and putting them together can be a tedious task.