Essay on the evolution of Bion’s work

According to Bion, no individual even in isolation should be viewed as insignificant to a gathering. He emphasized on the significance of affecting responses of the observer who is often enforced to encounter some kinds of projective identifications from the group members who desire cast him in the role of the parental figure, consultant, or teacher. Bion suggests that when an individual participates in any group activity, he reacts differently. Consequently, he introduced the concept of basic assumption to clarify the notion of group mentality. The term basic assumption refers to the existence of an anonymous, unanimous and common opinion at a given instant. The group mentality is the container that encompasses the opinions of all the group members and the conception of basic assumptions corresponds to the content of these opinions which provide a greater access to the emotional phenomena manifested within groups. Continue reading “Essay on the evolution of Bion’s work”

Opinion Essay- Major in Success by Patrick Combs and Jack Canfield

Sample Essay

The book under review in this paper is that was written by Patrick Combs and Jack Canfield. The book was written and is generally recommended for students and attempts to provide readers with an organized and rational approach towards career and academic choices (Combs & Canfield, 2007). The book allows the reader to explore his/her own capabilities and allows the reader to put them into perspective to acquire a clear picture of the capabilities and prime interests that the individual harbors. By doing so, the book contributes to the development of a person’s understanding of the manner in which he/she can become a part of the corporate world in their most productive form.

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