Thesis: 2b or not 2b? By David Crystal


Texting is closely associated with coming of technology and is increasingly growing. It had been perceived to posse disastrous consequences to the development of language .Texting has become a common way of communication among the youth and it involves use of shorten text. Similarly it has led to violation of linguistic rules such as punctuations and spelling. However, it is not new as it thought because English had abbreviated words since ever it began to be written.

The difference between today’s texting and the ancient shortening of words is that it comprises of a mix between numbers and letters while the latter involves letters alone. The most important finding is that texting does not erode children’s ability to read and write but rather improves literacy. In fact texting is the latest manifestation of the human ability to be linguistically creative and to adapt language to suit the demands of diverse settings.  Finally should be recognized language in evolution.

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