Thesis: Absolute Natural Law of Christianity

Sample Thesis Paper

In the eighteenth century this gave way to the age of enlightenment which sought to ease the ills of society by focusing on reasoning and education of the populace. Within more open and social conditions more political philosophers emerged. On such philosopher was Thomas Aquinas who based his political teachings on his belief in the absolute natural law of Christianity.

Rather than debate his teachings Aquinas merely detailed them in his writings saying that each human being had the capacity for doing good deeds and bad. He followed Aristotle’s example of how society is formed into a political body from its beginnings in a single family. That it is a natural extension of mans nature. He believed that those who bear ill will towards their neighbors in society should be punished accordingly to offer justice in the name of natural law. However consideration should be given to those who are inherently imperfect. He believed that political society as a rule was imperfect in the hands of man and the best they could hope for would to reach the finality of their purpose through the blessings of the church (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

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