Thesis: Acceptable Form of Socialization

Sample Thesis Paper

Therefore, stereotyping becomes an acceptable form of socialization or social definition. Therefore, by analyzing the article and Geifer’s results from various individuals it is evident that the society views Hipsterism as the state of mind so far as it is of culture (Geifer 1).

The confusion of the definition of the jeans ‘hipster’ comes from the origins of the term hip from 1950s America. During this time, ‘hip’ was used to define the coolness of a person, ‘hop’ was the slung of opium, while ‘hipi’ was a West African word for ‘open one’s eyes’. The fusion of these words creates hipster, which was then used to define African American jazz culture especially found in Harlem. With the help of Norman Mailer, hipster was given new meaning as it was linked with major historical events like the world wars. Mailer tried to define the white Negro, as a man of the 20th century who could entomb the human spirit.

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