Thesis: Did Accolade Steel Sega’s Property

Sample Thesis Paper

The third viewpoint is the Marxist or socialist viewpoint. This perspective contradicts the first two and supports the common ownership of all intellectual properties. According to this perspective that Sega had no copyright over the source code because once it was created it was common property that anyone could use. Sega’s argument for the loss of financial incentives is void due to the fact that they would continue creating their products despite the fact that Accolade had succeeded in decrypting their source code. It further states that the concept of copyrighting withholds the source code from the hands of game makers such as Accolade who could use it to create better games for the Sega Genesis.

In order to determine whether Accolade had stolen Sega’s property and thus infringed on their copyright it is important to consider the perspectives given above.  When we consider the Lockean viewpoint the use of Sega’s organizational funds and time in the creation of the source code gives them the rights to own this property without need of a copyright issued by the government.  Since they have put time and money as well as paid for the labor of their engineers in the creation of this project. They own the intellectual properties. The contention her e is that Accolade is using Sega’s creation without their consent thus infringing on their rights as proprietors of this technology. Accolade by this perspective also does not have the right to seek a legal course of action to attain legitimacy for its actions. Even if a legislative body has ruled that Accolade has the right to use the source code because it is recognized as public property. Such a ruling infringes on the rights of Sega as a creator of this technology causing them harm. Sega has a right to choose which company it shares this technology with and to set the conditions of its trade. Accolade with reverse engineering has bypassed this trade agreement and with their legislative victory, the government has failed to enforce and protect the property rights of Sega’s labor.

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