Thesis: How to Achieve Employee Productivity

Sample Thesis Paper

The productivity of employees can be achieved through high level of employee satisfaction and this is one of the main objectives of human resource managers. The performance of human resource managers and their respective departments can be evaluated through the level of satisfaction and retention of employees in an organisation. Employee satisfaction can be achieved when employees are satisfied with all factors and aspects related to their jobs such as compensation, job security, growth opportunities, rewards, benefits, recognition. The human resource managers have to cover all these areas to accomplish high levels of job satisfaction. The areas through which job satisfaction can be achieved include setting realistic and achievable targets, assigning tasks according to the abilities, experience and knowledge of the employees, creating a motivational environment, providing constant feedback on performance and progress and other tasks. The efficient accomplishment of these activities leads to a high level of job and employee satisfaction (Arthur 2005).

Employee satisfaction and motivation has been given much importance in the past but recent times have seen a high level of preference being given to this phenomenon due to its relationship and effect on other elements of the organisation. The relationship of employee satisfaction with retention of employees and attraction to prospect employees is held in high regard in organisations today. Companies implement various techniques to achieve employee and job satisfaction so they are rated at a higher scale among existing and prospect employees. The relationships are developed and managed through human capital management systems which continuously evaluate employee turnover and satisfaction in various departments and divisions (Phillips 2005).

There are various techniques and methods to achieve employee satisfaction and various executives of different organisations have varying preferences. Some managers view the fair treatment of employees and treating them with respect as the most important tool to achieve high level of employee satisfaction. This is achieved by creating a comfortable and motivational working environment and addressing causes of mistakes rather than penalising or humiliating responsible employees (Berta 2005).

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