Thesis: Acquired Resources by Organization

Sample Thesis Paper

In this regard, it is also essential to carry out a complete analysis of the inflows and outflows that pertain to the items that the organization is acquiring. It is essential to highlight at this point that the resources being acquired are located in different regions and each region may have its own set of rules and regulations that dictate the procedures that are to be followed and the acquiring firm shall have to ensure that the resources being acquired comply with all the rules and regulations of the respective region to which the resources belong.

A complete study of the issues that pertain to the acquired resources should be carried out to ensure that there are no outstanding dues with regard to the government regulations of the region and that the firm from which the resources have been acquired has carried out transparent financial reporting procedures since they will be required during the later stages of the

Also, in instances where the firm is acquiring any fixed assets are being acquired, it is essential to carry out an analysis of the depreciation that they have undergone before the actual acquisition can be carried out. This shall allow the acquiring firm to gain a better insight into the value of the resources that are being acquired and may serve to bring about otherwise unexpected savings in the acquisition process. This will also allow the acquiring organization to determine the resources that will have to be brought in to the acquired regions in order to make the acquired resources function effectively and in the manner in which they are required to function so that the required results can be achieved.

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