Thesis: ActiveStrategy Mobile

Sample Thesis Paper

ActiveStrategy Mobile is an iPhone application designed by ActiveStrategy. It is an application meant to provide users with extensively detailed levels of performance measurement tools.

ActiveStrategy Mobile functions in a manner that is similar to ActiveStrategy Mobile’s parent software: ActiveStrategy. The application aims to make use of Balanced Scorecards amongst other performance indicators to allow users to acquire an up to date and detailed look into strategic performance. The use of the ActiveStrategy Mobile application allows users to make use of ActiveStrategy as mobile software. It is imperative to note that the ActiveStrategy Mobile is an application that makes use of the ActiveStrategy Synchronization Server. This allows ActiveStrategy Mobile to function with increased levels of security and authentication.

A fact that makes the selection of ActiveStrategy Mobile a doubtless step for this research is the fact that it is extensively backed by a professional enterprise that functions to provide consumers with business related services and can therefore be relied upon to be an experienced practitioner in the field.

Through highly accurate quantitative data and statistical analysis and business models, the ActiveStrategy Mobile application allows users to develop a comprehensive picture of the organization’s actual standing and a reflection on the degree to which the measures being taken are having the desired implication. A fact that makes ActiveStrategy Mobile all the more credible is that it allows users from all levels of the organization to access the information and models through their iPhones. This feature is imperative in the ActiveStrategy Mobile since the degree of detail presented in the application is of a nature such that the degree of responsibility on each employee in the organization.

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