Thesis: Addressing the Threats of Global Warming

Sample Thesis Paper

Fernanda Campagnucci, an expert on Global Warming issues from Amazonia, reflects that the Amazon rainforest is under threat from a problem that is global in nature because of its origins; therefore, the source of the problem needs resolution from a similar perspective. In order to address the threats of Global Warming to the Amazon rainforest, there is a need to address the global development model and to bring about changes in it (Campagnucci). Unless changes are made on a global scale, there is very little that can be done to prevent the implications of Global Warming on the Amazon rainforest in practical terms.

The very logic that dictates the desire to generate higher profits and to increase wealth has taken on a form that is in strong contradiction to the necessity to preserve nature’s infrastructure. There is a need to take global steps in educational, social, economic, social, and cultural perspectives in order to bring about sustainable changes and improvement in the scenario (Campagnucci). This will allow an adjustment of the global populace towards a fuel efficient, and therefore, environment friendly life style that can then be expected to contribute to positive developments with regard to Global Warming. Donald Sawyer is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry in the University of Kentucky. Sawyer notes that the use of bio-fuel seemingly comes across as a sure way of dealing with the volatility of Global Warming, however, it is not one that is highly acceptable or vastly applicable (Sawyer). There is a need to implement alternatives that are more focused and are more applicable in nature.

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