Thesis: Advantages of Hydro Power

Sample Thesis Paper

There are many advantages in the use of hydro power energy as a source to provide electricity for a population as it is virtually free after dams are successfully constructed. We don’t have to worry about pollution and waste due to the fact that it does not produce any, unlike other power plants which burn coal to generate our electricity. Also Hydro Power is more trustworthy than other forms of power such as wind and solar. This is because wind and solar power are not continuous and can change with the seasons. In fact the use of wind or solar energy is not even reliable on an hourly basis. At certain times the high demand for electricity may not coincide with the peak production of electricity. Since these forms of energy cannot be stored for long term usage, this makes the constant use of this type of energy unreliable. Additionally, the best areas for collection of this energy exist far from the areas where it is supplied. Thus the creation of new transmission lines to supply these homes with this form of energy unfeasible. However, if we consider that these forms of energy can be used to supplement hydro-electricity during peak hours where more electricity is required. Then the use of them becomes feasible as well (United States Department of the Interior; Bureau of Reclamation; Power Resources Office, 2005).
Not only is hydropower is a great source of electricity, it also [a2] provides more jobs for the civilian population. Since the prospects of renewable energies is becoming more and more popular and the concept of using fossil fuels is becoming outdated not only due to the pollution aspect of it but also due to the shortage of natural gas and coal. Hydroelectricity has become a more viable, trusted option to provide safe and clean energy. This has led to the creation of more jobs for the construction industry and engineers. And thus has a positive effect on a country’s economy (United States Department of the Interior; Bureau of Reclamation; Power Resources Office, 2005). [a3]
The use of hydroelectricity also prevents 120 tons of coal being burnt per year in power plants preventing pollution and lessening mans carbon footprint, which is important to the sustainability of any country or business in today’s world. [a4] Additionally, aside from providing cheap electricity, it also prevents flooding onto main land by using a flood control system. To explain this it is important to recount the water reservoir system that exists in hydroelectric dams. Hydroelectric dams use this system to ensure that the water levels that exist at the head of the dam remain above a certain level. So that when the water is released to the foot of the dam it can produce a pre-determined amount of electricity that is needed for the population the dam is supplying. In times when there is increased flooding the reservoir can be filled with water or more water can be released to the foot of the dam in order to ensure that it does not flood the main land (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy August 2005).[a5]

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