Thesis: Advertisement as a Persuasive Tool

Sample Thesis Paper

Whenever we speak of the central purpose of advertising, we must acknowledge before anything else that an advertisement is created for the sole purpose of selling an idea. No matter where the idea may come from if it does not draw in an audience, if it does not appeal to the viewer on some primal, tangible level then the advertisement has failed in its purpose. The advertisement that will be analyzed in this topic will be the poster for the Apollo 13 motion picture which was published by Universal Studios in August of 1995 in the United States. My thesis is that this advertisement establishes a feeling of fear within the viewer thus creating a need to know more about the main subject.

The poster of course follows a format that is used by cinematic posters even today. The header contains the names if the actors involved in the film while the footer details the all of the people associated with the project including the distributor and manufacturer. The main photograph is one of an actor by the name of Tom Hanks. The Caucasian actor is shown to be exhibiting signs of trepidation while looking directly at the viewer. His face is half concealed by an opaque helmet situated in front of him. The helmet is from a NASA spacesuit which conspicuously seems empty. The light source for the photograph is behind the actor with the logo of the film being below the picture and above the footer with the background of a crescent moon.

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