Thesis: Advertising Prescription Drugs

Sample Thesis Paper

Modern day electronic and print media is flooded with advertisements of prescription drugs for all sorts of illnesses and ailments. It has become virtually impossible to browse through television channels or through a magazine without coming across such an advertisement. This paper shall attempt to address this phenomenon and shall shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of its occurrence.

The increased advertisement of prescriptions drugs facilitates the education of the everyday man about the uses and utility of prescription drugs. It gives the consumer a sense of awareness about the implications of the drugs that are taken. It is in the most rare of circumstances that consumers take out the time to consider the uses and relevance of the prescription drugs they take (Veracity, 2005). Therefore, the high frequency of magazine and television advertisements allows consumers to become aware of the uses and relevance of prescription drugs that a consumer would otherwise rarely take out time to consider looking at.

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