Thesis: The Advertising Strategy of UK

Sample Thesis Paper

The ad agencies of UK and Latin America are collaborating with each other and they are opting for a combined strategy. The top creative shop of Argentina Santo is opening up in London and this is first time when a Spanish agency has launched its subsidiary in UK. The advertising scenario of UK is changing rapidly and they are opting for a creative strategy unlike the previous ones. Powerful campaigns are developed with the coordination of Latin agencies and “Latin wave” in advertising is in full swing. But we can say that this Latin wave is a longer term shift away from the UK’s creative domination.

Similarly, besides being creative and attractive the advertising strategy of UK has shifted towards more consumer friendly attitude and elements of deception and sexual appeals are minimized in UK’s ads. Advertisers are developing campaigns to attract customers by depicting the fact that they are more people friendly. The most apt example of this scenario occurred when a UK ad campaign claims the videogames causes death. A health oriented ad campaign was designed in the UK which claimed that if you are playing video games then you are quite close to you “death”. This ad was approved by the UK government and the British Hearth Foundation and diabetes center also approved it. This ad was basically a part of change 4 life campaign. The concept of the ad goes like this that a boy who looks extremely sad when he is holding a Play station controller. The attractive slogan of the ad says that “Risk an early death, just do nothing.”

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