Thesis: Afghanistan under Obama Administration

Sample Thesis Paper


Afghanistan is located in southern Asia, East of Iran and spread out across the north and west of Pakistan. It covers a total area of 647,500 square miles, which makes it almost as vast as the state of Texas. Its borders meet with China, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The population is over 33,600,000 and is divided into thirty four provinces.

However, the facts and figures stated above have come into existence after decades of war and instability in the country. The country has been the center of instability for the region in the last century and significant event include the Soviet Invasion and Talibanisation. This paper shall attempt to shed light on the country in terms of the trends that events tend to take during a course of events in this particular country. By doing so, the paper will endeavor to provide a perspective through which the country should be viewed under the current Obama Administration.

Of the many events and incidents that have occurred in the country, the Soviet Invasion has been the one that has casted the longest shadows upon the future of the country. It would not be unjustified to state that the current situation prevalent in Afghanistan owes its origins to the Soviet Invasion as well. Light shall now be shed upon the characters, characteristics and affects of the Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan. Beginning from the Soviet Invasion, the paper will then delve into the next phase of direct interaction that the US and Afghanistan went through following the 9/11 attacks.

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