Thesis: American Civil War

Sample Thesis Paper

Discuss how the following factors worked as advantages for the North and South during the American Civil War: geography, political, leadership, manpower, industrial capacity, economics, and ideology/motivation. How great was the Southern chance for victory in your opinion? How did the North overcome the South’s advantages to win the war?

From 1861 to 1865 The Union and the Confederacy fought in a fierce battle which took more than 600,000 lives in the American civil war. The war resulted in the loss of lives, funds and brought freedom to 4 million black slaves under the command of President Lincoln (Encarta).

The two regions themselves had several differences that ultimately decided the fate of the war. The dependence on slavery in the south brought it great profitability in terms of cotton crop. The north was by contrast an industrial society with factories and railroads. While the north manufactured their own goods, the south had to depend on import theirs due to their resistance to industrialization. While the south had great loyalty to the confederacy, the north only formed their unions to serve a singular purpose. The confederacy though being a much weaker power than the north believed that dragging a war to the point where the north could no longer sustain it from an economic standpoint guaranteed them victory (Encarta).

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