Thesis: Changes in the American Consumer Market

Sample Thesis Paper

This idea has several sources which can be found on the internet. One of these sources is a news story on Yahoo which shows how the economy is still a source of distress for many Americans. The story provides details of how the economy has adversely affected spending on health care among Americans and how the population perceives what is ahead for the American public and their economy.

Another story from Tech CU Blog shows how a decrease in spending has already brought changes to the consumer market and how continuing changes can not only affect the market in the future but also our economy. Other details given include how changes have been brought into the Plastic surgery market to offset the number of decreasing customers. The final story which has been chosen is one which details how the recession has changed the lifestyles of the American public. This story provides a framework for detailing the personal stories of certain consumers and also provides an example of how this story may be presented, i.e. from the perspective of the consumer.

Further research can also be conducted by retrieving monthly sales figures for different companies and stores from their corporate websites.

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