Thesis: The American Dream

Sample Thesis Paper

This paper shall make use of two readings, The American Dream Does Not Exist (Warshauer) and The American Dream Still Exists (Johnson), and shall use them to make inferences of what the American Dream exactly is. The underlying thesis statement for this analysis paper is that the American Dream may not have been impossible to achieve when it was introduced but the current scenario is less favorable towards it. The paper will also shed light on whether the American Dream can be achieved or it is a concoction of fantasies and exaggerations. The paper shall also present the opinions of the author for the relevance and role of the American Dream.

The American Dream saw its origin from game shows and lotteries that became prominent parts of American culture after the industrial revolution had come to a close. In its modern day form, it incorporates financial, family and social fulfillment at a significantly early age; with financial success leading the list. Terms such as Easy Money are commonly used in this regard. The image of the American Dream was supported by the media and has now become a major part of American Culture.

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