Thesis: American response to Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Sample Thesis Paper

It was not until the Soviet Union chose to let the Afghan government develop it into a part of the equation as well that the American CIA decided to become a covert and propaganda based part of the war as well. Records show that this milestone was recorded to have occurred on December 24, 1979 and the CIA began aiding the Afghan Rebels soon afterwards in 1980.

At the end of the Afghan government, the tables had begun to turn by April 1978 as the special committee that the Soviet Union had established on the ongoing afghan war began to detect an element of betrayal in Amin’s attitude. Amin was a leader of one of the two factions into which the Marxist Peoples’ Democratic Party of Afghanistan had split in 1967. The extensive breaking up of factions within the Afghan government led to a large number of executions and exiles. By around March 1980, the Soviet forces were fighting the Mujahedeen in guerilla battles across the country.

It was the CIA program called Operation Cyclone that brought the infamous Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan as part of its strategy to encourage Muslim nations to bring fighters into Afghanistan to fight for the rebel’s cause by motivating them on grounds of fighting atheist communists.

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