Thesis: An analysis of the Change Strategies in Organizations

Sample Thesis Paper

Now that an understanding has been developed regarding the exact changes that were brought in the subject organizations, concentration shall not be given to the strategies that the organizations adopted to bring about the change on the organizational level.

It is important to note here that the three organizations that have been considered for this research paper all belong to varying segments of the industry. Dr Pepper Snapple Group is an manufacturer who produces several popular edibles whereas Freddie Mac is one of the leading giants in the real estate segment.  On the other hand, SalvageSale is an online enterprise that handles the process of disposing off assets. All three of the considered organizations are at different ends of the spectrum.

However, an element to note here is that there seems to be uniformity in the change process in the fact that all three organizations have chosen to implement change by either replacing old personnel with new personnel from outside the organization, or promoting already present personnel to higher positions in the managerial chain. This comes as proof of the fact that internal promotion within the organization is encouraged for the expansive benefits it brings to the organization (Podmoroff 2004).

Matters such as the issue of to whom a person should report are addressed passively in all three of the considered organizational changes. In the case of the Dr Snapple Pepper Group the new positions created and the older ones modified were all assigned to report to the President& CEO of the organization. In the case of Freddie Mac, the new positions were also assigned to report directly to the CEO, as well as in the case of SalvageSale.

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