Thesis: Analysis of Product Line Extension for Colgate

Sample Thesis Paper

Colgate has followed a strategy through which it distributes its products to retailers and wholesalers in the case of the personal, oral and home care segment. Colgate Palmolive currently has a human resource capital exceeding thirty six thousand with its head quarter still based in New York (Hoover’s, Inc. 2010).

Colgate Palmolive faces off competition from Church and Dwight Co. Inc., Clorox Corporation and Procter and Gamble Co (Yahoo! Finance 2010). The publicly held company is positioned in a competitive landscape where the demand is driven by population growth and the growth in the demand for household products in the consumer sector. The revenues in this capital intensive industry are more dependent on operational effectiveness and the sales and marketing strategies involved. Competition is influenced heavily by innovations in the industry (Hoover’s, Inc. 2010).

The purpose of this paper is to carry out an analysis of the product line extension for Colgate Palmolive. The paper shall consider the product closely and will elaborate on the fundamental principles behind the product line expansion as well as performing a detailed situational analysis for the product. The paper will analyze the competitive landscape that exists for the product as well as the distribution platform on which the product shall be brought to the consumer. Factors such as environmental factors shall also be considered for the product as well as a comprehensive analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and threats for the company along with the opportunities that are open for the product. Furthermore, the paper will shed light on the marketing strategy that is fundamentally adopted by Colgate Palmolive as well as the marketing strategy that would be most appropriate for the product line extension. Financial matters and controls for Colgate Palmolive shall also be discussed before the paper comes to a conclusion with the presentation of any and all assumptions that were made during the formulation of the paper.

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