Thesis: Andrew Carnegie’s Success as an Industrialist

Sample Thesis Paper

Carnegie’s success was by no means attributable to simply luck. In essence, his influential role in the industrial role owes itself to the numerous connections and partnerships he made with the leading men of his time. He is known for having made early investments in numerous areas that allowed him to move up the social scale (Rau). His initial technique was to acquire loans and invest them in manufacturing businesses of his own. He had an aggressive but well coordinated and highly thought out manner of doing business that allowed him to acquire earlier returns on his investments as his businesses and investments continued to develop.

It is of the utmost importance to realize that Carnegie’s recognition is not simply because of his philanthropic nature and immaculate sense of business. He was also a philosopher of sorts through his journalism. He would write in numerous weekly and daily publications and served to shape the ideas and perceptions of countless men to become entrepreneurs after him. Publications such as The Gospel of Wealth, the Triumphant Democracy are only a few of the essays that he wrote (Hillstrom and Hillstrom). Through these essays, Andrew Carnegie presented new and thought provoking ideas to the industrialists and business men of his time while influencing the thinking of many young business men.

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