Thesis: Application of Combination of Techniques for Cash Flows

Sample Thesis Paper

The second question closely related to the research hypothesis of the current research was the reason for applying a combination of techniques to speed up cash flows. The participants from both companies suggest that relying on a single technique does not accomplish the desired effective results but if a combination of techniques is used the speed of cash flows is more effective and efficient.

The respondents from Marks and Spencer suggest that if only a single technique is focused and other techniques are ignored then it would impact only one side of the cash flows, either cash inflows or cash outflows. The answer to this question by managers at Debenhams highlighted the preference of multiple techniques as the techniques are applied to the three components of cash cycle and the absence of any one component and technique related to it would render the other techniques useless. The reasons for implementing a combination of techniques for speeding up cash flows is quite clear from the responses of the managers which is to increase the speed and overall efficiency of cash flows.

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