Thesis: Application of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

The process that constitutes the creation, intensification and implosion of cavity bubbles is perhaps the central element because of which biological implications take place as a result of the application of ultrasound. The imploded collapse of the cavity and the high temperature developed causes radical heating and cooling rates to take place. Energy interacts with matter in a unique form in the application of ultrasound and the resulting ultrasonic irradiation is one that causes the generation of a scenario so complex that the resulting consequences incorporate the development of sono-chemistry (Duck, Baker, & Starritt, 1998). It is imperative to note at this point that this process of heating and cooling is one that occurs at extremely fast speeds and the conditions created in the implosion of cavities are nothing less than extraordinary when considered along with the fact that the surrounding conditions are relatively cold.

Not only is ultrasound being brought into uses pertaining to administration of drugs, therapy and treatment to patients but is also being brought into use in the development of biomaterials. Ultrasound technology is being brought into use to develop non-aqueous micro-capsules that are fundamentally liquid-filled and are small enough to successfully be administered in the circulatory system. Once administered, these micro-capsules assist in the performance of sono-graphy in the process of drug delivering.

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