Thesis: Applying tax principles

Sample Thesis Paper

The US government wants very much to have a single global tax system under which all jurisdictions apply the same tax principles and international tax arbitrage is not possible.

The US government has decided that it is evil for US taxpayers to reduce their effective foreign tax rate on foreign earnings, especially in ways that would not be viable if US tax principles applied under foreign law. It seems more important to the US government to save foreign governments from themselves when they apply tax principles different from those of the US, than it is to benefit US multinationals and their shareholders by giving them the benefit of foreign tax reductions. Because it is difficult for the government to articulate any sound conceptual principles against international tax arbitrage, its actions will continue to be ad hoc. Tax planning may become a matter of predicting what might be in the heads of the tax legal authorities from one day to the next.

In the present financial crisis, those with low income need more help than anybody else. In the plan to fight poverty, legal authorities are willing to create more opportunities for citizens.

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