Thesis: The Appointment of Quartermaster in the Continental Army

Sample Thesis Paper

Diseases were perpetuated due to the overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions. Many of the men suffered from Typhoid and Smallpox. Medicine and doctors were in short supply; the sick were moved into makeshift tents where medical practitioners could do little for them (Chadwick, 2005, p.89-90).

The eventual appointment of the quartermaster general to oversee the daily needs of the army was demanded by congress of George Washington. Washington chose Thomas Mifflin, who was formerly a Philadelphia merchant for this role. The quartermaster was at the time considered to be an integral position to the success of the army and Mifflin played his role quite incompetently. He hated his position and resigned early October. It would be another seventy five days before General Greene would consent to be the next quartermaster general. It can be seen the inherent confusion which surrounded this position and the detrimental effect it had on the Continental army. Especially since Washington was blamed for many of the hardships the men faced at the time, due to his not finding a suitable quartermaster (Ferling, 2007, p.278-81).

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