Thesis: Arab Women’s Organization by Queen Rania

Sample Thesis Paper

Queen Rania is also an advocate for the rights of women in Jordan. She spoke at the Arab Women’s Summit in 2001 saying that it was the responsibility of Arab women to overcome the challenges they faced from society and rise up (Royal Hashemite Court).  Her efforts not only resulted in the passing of a law which granted women the right to divorce by Jordanian parliament in 2002, but also brought much publicity to the blight of honor killings in her country.
Even thought the divorce law was rescinded two years later it was still a huge social step forwards in terms of women’s rights ( On 17th, March 2003 she announced the official launch of the Arab Women’s Organization. This organization was created to encourage the development of Arab women and improve their status and perception internationally (Royal Hashemite Court).
With King Abdullah, the Queen has also launched a nationwide IT initiative in Jordan, supporting the introduction and use of computers in schools across Jordan. She and her husband inaugurated the “Achieving e-Equality in the IT sector program” on January 14th, 2002 (Royal Hashemite Court). In 2004 she hosted the very first joint annual meeting for the Advisory Council and board of directors of World Links Arab Region (WLAR). This program was brought into inception to create opportunities for today’s youth in third world countries through the use of technology and the internet. When it was launched it served 120 schools and 20,000 benefited from its presence annually (World Health Organization).

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