Thesis: Need of Arabic Speakers in the Military

Sample Thesis Paper

The research paper deals with the question whether there is a need of Arabic speakers in the US military. There has been a lot of debate on the issue and still there are individuals who support the idea and others who decline it.

There are different perspectives from which this idea can be evaluated. One of the perspectives is to understand the threats which are faced by the country from the terrorist groups based in the Arab countries. By having Arabic speakers in the military, the military would have personnel who would assist the military personnel in deciphering the language and gestures of the terrorist groups which are not otherwise understood by the military personnel. In some instances, the military personnel gain access to certain information which is in an Arabic language and includes certain codes which are hard to decipher for the military personnel but for an Arabic speaker, the codes might not be that hard to break. Therefore, Arabic speakers can be of great help for the US military.

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