Thesis: Arabic speakers in USA before 9/11

Sample Thesis Paper

Another author, Joseph (1999), tries to prove the same point that was the essence of the others discussed above. The article shows that the American public already had issues with the Arabic speakers before the 9/11 took place. Arabic speakers have never been accepted by the American public. There are a number of stereotypes that have distorted the perception of American public regarding Arabic speakers.

The American public holds all the Arabic speakers responsible for certain barbaric acts committed by some individuals who consider themselves representatives of all the Islamic people in the world. This perception is completely invalid as the opinion of different Islamic people varies by a significant degree. There is only a small fragment of Islamic people who have created a negative image for all the Arabic speakers while in reality, a significant number of Islamic people do not approve of the acts committed by such terrorist groups.

Thus, the essence of this article can also be used for the research question whether there is need of Arabic speakers in the military. If Arabic speakers are treated respectfully and they are given a chance to present their opinion, the stereotypes against them can be cleared and in this manner they will be accepted among American public. After the clearing of the stereotypes, the American public will also support the idea of including Arabic speakers in the military instead of holding against the idea. Arabic speakers can be of great use for the military as they may help in a number of ways. Arabic speakers may be aware of the way the terrorist groups think and in this way their intelligence can be countered in an efficient manner.

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