Thesis: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Sample Thesis Paper

The Israel Palestinian conflict has existed in one form or another since the early 1900s. Though the nation of Israel was only founded in 1948 the term encompasses all of the earlier conflicts between the two sides as well. This topic will give an overview of the conflict as well as consider the current societal views from both sides (MidEastWeb.Org, 2008).

The history of the conflict can be traced back to the late 19th century, around that time the movements of Zionism and Arab nationalism were founded. During this time the Zionist wanted to settle and create and Jewish state in Palestine so that they might find refuge from the anti-Semitic forces and saw it as their homeland. The World Zionist Organization and Jewish National Fund encourage the immigration of Arab tribes and funded the purchase of land. The growth of Anti-Semitism after World War 1 brought more and more immigrants there. (MidEastWeb.Org, 2008)

At this time Palestinians were under British rule that supported not only the migration of the Jewish people but also wanted to protect the rights of the original settlers. Palestinians were against this migration and responded with violence against them. The Jaffa riots were the first major riots against the Jewish population in 1921. This eventually led to the Palestinian riots which forced several Jews to leave the country and flee to Lebanon, Italy, Iraq and Germany (MidEastWeb.Org, 2008).

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