Thesis: Architecture through History

Sample Thesis Paper

This paper will attempt to shed light on the relevance of architecture to cultural evolution and its development over time. The paper will also give attention to the development of different art forms and its role in the reflection and promotion of ideas.

The chapter addressing art and architecture in Italy from 1200 to 1400 served to show that art and architecture has been influenced significantly by religious values over time (Italy, 1200 to 1400). These religious values, in turn, have seen a rise and fall in their dominance through the leadership of different rulers.

Architectural history belonging to the 13th century does not simply constitute buildings with dates, but is in fact a complicated chronological amalgamation of some of the greatest sculptors in history.

During this time, the smallest of inspirations drawn by an artist could be seen in works of similar nature through the artist’s architectural manifestations.

It would not be unfair to state that the era that spans that 13th and the 14th century was a transformational era for art and architecture since both took advantage of various traditions; such as the Byzantine tradition and the Monastic orders that came forth as a result of the Pope’s absence from Italy.

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