Thesis: ASA’s Codes of Advertisement

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to make the process as fast and productive as possible the ASA makes efficient use of its website by allowing customers and audience to lodge complaints against any advertisement, sales promotion or direct marketing activity that the complaining party has observed to be in violation of the ASA’s codes of advertisement.

In order to ascertain that advertisement done through each medium is given the attention it deserves, the APA has charted out separate codes for TV, radio and all other types of medium that are used in the UK in advertisement. However, the basis of the codes for all the types of medium remains the same: The advertisement should not under any condition mislead the audience or offend the audience or cause any harm to the audience.

Usually when a complaint against an advertisement is received by the ASA, the ASA instructs the concerned media owners to remove that advertisement from the broadcast and the media owners proceed by doing so. However, in cases where the advertiser or media owner chooses not to adhere to ASA codes of advertising, the ASA then forwards the case to the Office of Fair Trading and Ofcom.

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