Thesis: Assessing Management Commitment for Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The presence of the commitment of the management is most serious and most profound of all factors that should be evaluated when considering whether or not the company is in a state where it can engage in outsourcing. The management has to be mentally ready for the outsourcing process to be implemented and has to realize the significance of the process. The company cannot look towards outsourcing as a quick fix to problems (Mark Power & Desouza, 2004). Adopting such faulty perspectives can result in the adoption of an incompetent outsourcing agent which may solve the problem in operational terms but may seriously jeopardize tactical and strategic advantages that the company would have otherwise acquired.

The willingness to engage in outsourcing has to be present at an executive level in the organization. In essence, the change that is to be brought about by the engagement in the outsourcing process should be led by the executives in the organization (Mark Power & Desouza, 2004). Unless this aspect is present, it would be pointless to even consider the rest of the factors that should be considered when evaluating the adequacy of the timing of the outsourcing process.

In order to achieve the consent and support of the executive management, the company needs to reconsider the authenticity of its working principle. In cases such as the one in question where the business is already functioning well, it becomes increasingly complicated to address questions such as those that attempt to highlight whether or not the company is fully aware of its core competencies, whether the cost structure has been adequately established, whether the people and strategies function to provide the desired competitive edge, what areas are there that can be outsourced, can outsourcing be allowed to become a core part of the broader business strategy (Mark Power & Desouza, 2004).

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