Thesis: Assessing what to Outsource

Sample Thesis Paper

The company has to make special care of the exact function that it chooses to outsource. In the current context, the company is choosing to outsource the production of its parts. It is therefore imperative to realize the need to engage in outsourcing for only those parts that can be adequately placed outside the organization. The selected part to outsource production for has to be of a nature for which any delays or faults will have no more than a minimal negative impact (Embleton & Wright, 1998).

Outsourcing the production of a part at a time when that part is needed the most can play an adverse role for the organization since it will serve to put the organization in a highly vulnerable position. Outsourcing the production of a part that serves as part of the organization’s core competency can place the organization in a difficult position. “There are certain functions that a head office can best sustain… In downsizing without due care for such functions, organizations risk dismantling the very foundations of their success” (Stephenson & Russell, 1995).

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