Thesis: Assets to equity ratio of Johnson Arabia LLC

Sample Thesis Paper

The assets to equity ratio primarily tells that how much of a company’s total assets are owned by the company means what is the ration of the possession of the company’s asset’s and how much of them are influenced or financed through debts. In other words it also shows the relationship between the value of the assets of the company and the portion which is owned by the shareholders. In the case of Johnson Arabia it could be seen from the graphs that there is declining trend which indicates that in the last few years the company is depending on the owners’ investment more than their own.

Net cash flow to asset:

This is another important financial ration which measures that to what extent the company is able to generate cash from its current operational activities. In the case of Johnson Arabia it is evident from the figures in the table that the company has a growing trend as far as the generation of cash through operations is concerned. In the last year that is the year 2009 the percentage of cash flow with assets is at the highest of all and the reason for this could be the fact that because of the recession most of the banks were banks were reluctant to pay loans, so companies were on their own to generate funds for the businesses and its effect can be shown on the table.

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