Thesis: Association of the Luba People of Katanga

Sample Thesis Paper

The Belgian government attempted to intervene through military means in order to restore the peace but the situation continued to escalate out of control as the military took on the form of an uncontrolled and unmonitored mob. Fortunately, Moise Tshombe’s Katanga’s Gendarmarie acquired independence in 1960 and was able to acquire assistance from Belgian forces. However the favorable turn was short-lived as the Katangan military failed in restoring peace in the face of the movement being led by the Association of the Luba People of Katanga.

As time went by, the conflict continued to grow and the number of elements in the conflict continued to increase. Also, conflicting parties began to opt for more aggressive methods. Following in on the footsteps of Katanga, South Kasai claimed independence. A president was put into place and Lumumba found himself dealing with not only Katanga but also with the self proclaimed of South Kasai. This event, like its predecessors, can be observed in the light of Kriesberg (2007) when he states that, “The duration of a conflict is also related to its scope, since the longer it goes on the more people are likely to be engaged and affected. Mutually destructive conflicts between large scale collectivities are prone to persist for a very long time, even from generation to generation” (Kriesberg, 2007, p. 156).

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