Thesis: ATP Life Assurances

Sample Thesis Paper

Key ways that ATP Life Assurances use to ascertain that their IT projects are completed successfully and support the goals of the business

In order to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the degree of risk in the market, ATP Life Assurances makes extensive use of analytical tools to calculate and analyze its return on investment in the financial perspective. These tools are sequentially applied on each individual IT project and business project that ATP Life Assurances is running.

By placing every individual IT project in its own individual frame of reference and then subjecting it to the above mentioned tools of analysis, ATP Life Assurances makes the development of a development analysis possible. This allows managers to make any mid-way changes in the IT project that are required to steer the project on to the path towards the desired results and outcomes. Extensive use of an Investment Tracking Database is also made by ATP Life Assurances.

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