Thesis: Attributes of Korean Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Sample Thesis Paper

Adopted Research Methodology

In order to carry out a thorough analysis of the attributes of Korean Mobile Phone Manufacturers and to identify the attributes that can be considered to be the key success factors for them, it is imperative to make use of data that is thorough and precise in nature. It is for this reason that this research shall integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches of research. The study shall initiate through implementation of the selected primary data collection instrument and the subsequent collection of primary data. The central purpose of the survey for this study is to establish the elements that consumers consider to be of a key nature when they contemplate on buying a cell phone. The survey questionnaire respondents shall be cell phone users and voluntary respondents at RHUL. Interviews shall be carried with personnel from Samsung and LG in an attempt to acquire a clear and unique picture of each company. Therefore the study of Samsung and LG can be considered to be the integration of the case study approach into the research process.

The primary research for the study shall also constitute an interview with representatives of both LG and Samsung. The interview shall be brief but was designed to be carried out for Samsung and LG both. Representatives for both the companies will be contacted and asked a pre-determined set of open ended questions designed to acquire firsthand knowledge of the perception that the companies hold with regard to their own positions in the industry. The interview will begin by inquiring upon basic information such as basic information on the company’s history. The next question inquired upon shall be the time when the company established its presence in the international market. The third question shall explore the attribute that served as the core competitiveness of the company’s products in the market while the fourth question shall seek to identify the nature of the obstacles faced by the company in the industry.

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