Thesis: Augustine’s Views on God’s Omniscience

Sample Thesis Paper

Another Christian philosopher and theologian who offered his views on God’s omniscience was Augustine in the 3rd century. Being a man of the church, Augustine did not provide any writings which argued that existence of God. However, within his writings he did recognize that man’s as a creation was inferior in that he did not realize the eternal truth. Awareness of an absolute and perfect being comes from the realization of this eternal truth; with the beauty of his creation pointing to the validity of his existence.

Within his writings Augustine says that the creation of human beings is a predetermined process. That the only way for human being to be free was to accept Gods love and ask for his blessings. The main way in which Augustine discusses the omniscience of God is by exploring the concept of evil. He speaks of the world having being created by God as being fundamentally good. Human beings which are also a creation of God also enjoy the status of having free will but choose to commit evil acts. This is where the concept of free will is introduced. All human beings have free will to choose between good and evil, however, human beings intentionally choose evil causing sin and misery (Cahn).

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