Thesis: Autistic Compassion Theory Model

Sample Thesis Paper

In nursing the use of theories is an essential component within the nursing-patient experience. Not only do they provide a framework for the skills required to aid the patient, it also provides guidelines for discerning the aims and requirements of the patients. This paper will consider a new theory by the name of Autistic Compassion theory and will discuss the concepts and theories which influenced its design.

Main Concepts

The theory proposed is a mid range theory to be used within the practice of nursing. The mid range quality of the theory allows it to be used with adherence to a limited or unlimited number of concepts, with ease of application into any practice.

The main concepts of the Autistic Compassion theory are to meet the medical, physical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual, religious and environmental needs of women who have autistic children.

The theory was designed to allow the constant level of care for mothers with children exhibiting signs of autism after childbirth ensuring that all the physical, theoretical and psychological needs that she may have. This theory provides a mixture of structured and unstructured concepts which are designed to meet all individual needs.

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