Thesis: The Bank of Central Banker

Sample Thesis Paper

The BIS is one of the world’s most trusted banks and is considered to be the bank of central banker. In light of the same fact, the BIS took the position of an unbiased observer and very accurately reported that the foundation of this recession had been set much earlier by the flagrant excesses (Keegan). The report also showed suspicion regarding the behavior of major financial institutions and the consequences it may have in the form of a global economic recession.

The BIS pointed out that it was necessary to bring about a devaluation of the dollar in a temporary period if a larger affect on the global economy was to be prevented. The BIS suggested this measure as an adjustment designed to prevent a severe decrease in growth rates in economies around the world. The report also pointed a finger at the Chinese economy for having become heavily reliant upon the American Economy. The report highlighted that by doing so, the Chinese economy had reached a point where it was now super-competitive with the American economy and influencing it to an extent far more than comfortable for the American Economy. Hence, according to the BIS, this setup has led to an unwarranted degree of pressure on multiple currencies simultaneously.

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