Thesis: Beatles as Trend Setters in Musical History

Sample Thesis Paper

They used to compose their songs by themselves almost 90% of them. At that time most of the musical bands had record companies as their composers, in this regard also Beatles are the trend setters. They used unusual sounds like gibberish and what appeared to be nonsensical phrases into their recordings.

The concept of music videos was also presented by the Beatles. The Beatles invented the music video the first one ever made which was telecasted on the television was paperback writer and rain in the 1965. Another innovative thing that was introduced by the Beatles was of charity concerts. Nowadays we see a lot of charity concerts that are arranged for fund raising or any other reason. Beatles initiated this idea when they arranged a concert that donated all the profit to charity.

We can surmise from the discussion presented above that The Beatles were an exceptional music band that contributed to not only music but also to culture. They remain a representing icon of the evolution of music and can be referred to be nothing less than the biggest evolution of music in the history of music.

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